Horoscope for 19 libra

Everything that is about to take place on the work front will challenge you.

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You may have to revise your attitudes to colleagues or reassess the way you operate. Efficiency seems to be the key. You will have to make some kind of personal commitment before the next phase of your life can commence. Someone may be sweeter on you than you are on them. The most important lessons in life are often the hardest to learn.

Libra Horoscope for September - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

In this respect, events over the next four or five days may confront you at the very heart of your Aquarian conservatism and obstinacy. Everybody will be aware of a general air of crisis as the weekend approaches.

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The remarkable part about this new moon is that Uranus is perfectly positioned to shower you with several happy surprises. One of them is how prescient you will be—friends will be amazed.

Two Libra Full Moons Peak During The Reign of The Ram!

You may want to spend the first three weeks of September alone, tinkering with a creative artistic or literary project that requires concentration on your part. You can alternatively work on your thesis or opening or closing remarks for the courtroom, as some examples.

Preparation leads to success, and never more than now. If you feel a need to see a professional to talk over a troubling problem, this month would be the perfect time to do it.

Libra: Your daily horoscope - October 09

Start as early in the month as possible to capture the beautiful energy of the twelfth house new moon that first appeared two days before the start of September on August 30, in Virgo at seven degrees. The twelfth house also rules places of healing and confinement, such as rehab centers, hospitals, physical therapy facilities, post-operative recovery centers, nursing homes, and so forth.

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  • You might be mixing with medical personnel this month whether to consult a specialist to help you with your mind, body, or spirit, or to support a close friend or relative who needs some of your good cheer and encouragement while they get well. With the Sun in perfect angle to Saturn on September 6, the outcome of the treatment would be positive and long-lasting.

    With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world. To view the current horoscopes, click here. Your Horoscope by Susan Miller As you enter September, you will notice people around you are in a good mood. If you have had an astrology report , you will know what are periods are auspicious for you. What is ' Rahu Kal '?

    How Libra Season 12222 Will Affect Your Work, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    Use what you already have before rushing out to buy more. Do not neglect your social life. Take some time from your busy schedule and go out to attend the party with your family. It will not only relieve your pressure but also remove your hesitation.