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The Rishis insist that the respective individual must get relieved from past birth sins and bad karmas if prescribed any, to make the given predictions a reality. To realize and accomplish things as predicted one has to do the remedies as prescribed with sincerity and utmost devotion.

Vedic Nadi Astrology Not of Human Origin

The last process involved is… To hand over the prediction script note in person or scan it and send via email. The predictions will be simultaneously recorded while reading out.

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  • The recorded prediction clip would be convert in to Mp3 file and sent to the corresponding email id of the seeker. They are confused more than ever.

    AstroTalk - Free Online Astrology Predictions by Best Astrologers

    The Naadi astrologers, Gods or doctors can't be blamed for this. The reason is that the God creates a being as a result of their Karmas in the past births.

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    If we do research to find out the difference between Natal Astrology and Nadi Astrology, Astrology predictions based upon arithmetical calculation by men is Natal Astrology and forecasting by Maharishis with their spiritual power, already written in the Palm leaves is Nadi Astrology. The Arithmetical predictions by the ordinary people may lead to failure in most cases. This is because people normally are not able to note down the birth time of a child accurately.

    Nadi Astrology

    This is mainly because they are nervous and mentally tensed during the moment. This error results in wrong computing of Birth Ascendant and planetary position which results in absolutely wrong prediction. This as a result disappoints the native. So keeping aside this sort of slipping possibilities methods, let us, look into the forecasting made by the Maharishis based upon thumb prints, which is purely by their spiritual wisdom.

    Consult An Astrologer Online

    Name of the native, their parents, their spouse, their rank in their family, number of children, number of siblings etc. Apart from this, the solutions such as Temple visit, Pujas and Mantra puja which has to be performed are given by performing which, the native can get eradicated from the present problems and the problems yet to come. The circumstances in their lives will drive them to the nadi astrology and they will reach their involuntarily.

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    • Only the expert nadi astrologer can read these records that are written on the palm leaves. The facts are written in a poetic Tamil on palm leaves. Each leaf contains the description of one's life, facts and destiny. To reach at your leaf, the thumb impression of your hand is taken. For male thumb impression of right hand is taken and for female it is the left hand whose thumb impression is taken.

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      Then there are about categories in which the thumb impression is categories. Each category has bundle of leaves.