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How often do you open your mailbox and get a handwritten note from someone you care about for no reason? I am a mushy person to the core, so this activity brings me the utmost joy. Words of Affirmation are my love language. I love to tell people how I appreciate them in the form of words, and I feel most loved when I am told why a person is grateful for me or why they love me.

It will not only improve your mood when you write and send the note, but it will also shift your attention to feeling grateful.

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Just remember to leave your cell phone at home. Get out and take in the sights, the sounds, and smells of your surroundings. Look at things with new eyes. Just this week, in an effort to pull myself out of a post-vacation funk, I decided to take a walk around my neighborhood. I brought my dog, who forces me to slow down and smell the roses—or in her case, the tree that the previous dog peed on.

I live in Southern California, so this is a rare treat that I found to be a blessing. I stopped, picked up two of the leaves, and saved them. When I returned home, I felt a new sense of connection. To get out and breathe in the fresh air, hear the birds chirping, and see the wonders of nature was just the pick me up I needed. Try it out; even if you have to bundle up to walk around the block, I promise it will shift your mood and clear your mind.

We are all so caught up in our own little world most of the time.

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That compliment made me realize that I often see myself in one way, which is way harsher than I would allow someone else to treat me. I am continuously amazed at how other people see me. You never know how you look in other people's eyes. You never know what kind of day a person is having, or how good or bad they feel. If they feel good, you will make them feel even better, and if they feel bad, it could change their whole outlook.

Just make sure it is genuine, we are intuitive beings and can easily tell when someone is insincere. You know the list, the one that has one or two daunting items. The items on your list that make you feel like doing those things would be like the equivalent of having to run a marathon?

I certainly have those lists. It feels so good when I finally just bite the bullet and do it. Make a mental list of all that you are grateful for. It can be anything from how a cup of steaming hot tea warms your entire body, the way it feels to look up at the stars, or gazing at the perfect sunset.

The way it feels to sit next to a crackling fire, enjoying a perfectly blended smoothie, or something as big as being lucky enough to have two legs to walk on and two lungs to breathe with. What are you thankful for? Think about it, revel in it.

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Seems like a no brainer, but exercising can sometimes feel like the biggest task of all. Take a yoga class, jog around your neighborhood, ride your bike, try a new booty kicking barre or sculpt class at your local studio or gym. Working out provides a proven natural high. By moving your body, you are working out all the stale, stagnant energy that lowers your vibration, mood, and motivation.

Think of it like this; you will never feel worse after a workout. By clearing out the clutter in your surroundings, you are literally, and metaphorically, making space in your life for new energy. Having clean, organized surroundings allows for more productivity, freedom, and clarity. You will feel the difference in both your mind and body. When your surroundings are out of order, what else is out of order in your life, and how is it slowing you down?

When I let my inner child run free, and check my ego at the door, I feel a sense of joy that can only be explained through a smile that spans ear to ear and a laugh that sings freedom. My old boss taught me the best trick.

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It lightens the mood in seconds flat, invites your inner child in to play, and changes the entire dynamic of whatever situation you are dealing with. So, go ahead, get silly— wiggle it out.

The love of a pet is pure and unconditional. Pets offer us some pretty valuable lessons as humans. Spend time enjoying a pet, observe them, cuddle with them, appreciate them, learn from them. Energy is contagious, so make sure the energy you surround yourself with lights you up from the inside out. Skip to main navigation. Mindbody Download the app.

Published Monday Apr 15, by Ashley Tracey. About the author. An all-around spiritual badass based in Denver, Colorado, Ashley Tracey is a passionate and empathetic soul whose life purpose is to help others live at their highest potential. Working with clients around the world to empower wholistic well-being, she helps to expand their consciousness and activate soul-centered living. Keep on reading.

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