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Last time we looked at the archetypes and history of the Saturn Pluto Cycle. The current alignment is a conjunction, marking the start of a new cycle and a turning point in world history. Saturn is conjunct Pluto at that degree from 6th to 14th so that whole period is likely to feel heavy, but we can expect tensions to ratchet up from December The conjunction falls on the nodal axis of both planets and this intensifies the effect.

Here it is in bullets:. Mars continues to bimble along and will form a series of squares to the Saturn Pluto conjunction because it goes retrograde in September These squares start in August and could indicate a tense time of severe conflicts around the world. Mars has a reputation for starting fights and made hard angles to Saturn and Pluto at the beginning of both World Wars.

2020 Stellium

It can boost greed and arrogance and make you feel invincible. An example of the danger involved in these transits happened while I was writing this post. So aside from the weird shenanigans in the Gulf of Oman, what else has been going on? As we saw in the last post, Saturn Pluto alignments represent the need for deep changes in the structure of society and how we use power. The old order is destroyed and a new one is born, and that means we have to accept the death of the old system.

The current power structure of the world was put in place after the second World War during the conjunction of This allowed countries devastated by two world wars to rebuild and it created a lot of wealth. This system is based on debt and dependent on growth. We need systemic reform with a little help from Uranus in Taurus. This conjunction marks the start of a period of transition between systems so it could feel chaotic for some time.

The Astrology of Year 2020

And that, in turn, will impact the rest of the world. At best, this period of collapse is an opportunity to build new systems that work better for everyone. Most seem more interested in their own careers and legacies, and cling to power for its own sake. Some are crazy enough to ignite another war, but whatever the scenario, it can only end in their destruction. It is possible to transform systems without destroying everything, but for that you have to be a grown up.

This might involve the breakup of long-standing unions such as the United States, Europe, and the UK. None of this will happen overnight and the slow decline will probably take decades — possibly until the end of this Saturn Pluto cycle. The Conservative party in the UK is imploding — which is fun to watch — but the whole political spectrum is tearing itself apart as people lose faith in the old way of doing politics.

Some already have, but most of them are politicians. There could be some sort of economic recession or meltdown that provides an excuse to reform the system and rollout a digital currency, with the ultimate intention of eliminating cash altogether. The beginning of the end could come with a collapse of the Euro.

Nothing would change on a deep level, setting us up for an even worse crash next time around. The system has a way of protecting itself by making superficial changes while the exploitation and corruption continues on its merry way. I would love to be proved wrong. The worst case scenario would be a doubling down on the current system in an attempt to hang on to power. This would quickly turn toxic and we would reap the whirlwind of catabolic capitalism. But the consequences are waking people up — which is good news.

Audiences are turning away in their droves and searching for the truth elsewhere. Alternative sources of information online are suffering a rash of censorship, shadow banning, demonetising and de-platforming. The last time Chiron was in the sign of Aries was the periods of and As a result, those born during these periods have spirited and pioneering energy running through them — despite any of their other astrological placements.

Capricorn Astrology 2018-2020 SOMETHING AMAZING Happens For You, SERIOUS MANIFESTING

They also seem to have a great deal of courage and have the ability to be very in tune with their warrior energy. There is something about them that can take quick action and take things on in a fierce kind of way. Look to this Chiron in Aries time to push you forward instinctually giving you the ability to access the energy you need when you need it!

Astrological Events – Kelley Rosano

With a brief visit to Aquarius from Mar. This will affect those with Natal Saturn in Capricorn, who will experience a return of course once every 29 years , but also those who have planets in Cancer, Libra and Aries can expect some major shifts to occur. May 13, — Venus Rx Gemini — 21 deg 50 min. June 25, — Venus Dx Gemini — 5 deg 20 min.

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Like Us on Facebook. Contact Us. The next Saturn—Pluto cycle commenced in , soon after World War II ended; Germany and Japan lost military influence and dominance, and the power struggle between Capitalism and Communism gained greater intensity. Saturn and Pluto were in opposition in , when the Vietnam War peaked, accentuating the division between the two blocs.

In , the International Monetary Fund IMF , whose aim is to foster global economic growth and reduce world poverty, began its operations. The year also saw the division between India and Pakistan and their establishment as individual sovereignties today both countries have nuclear weapons ; this split cost Mohandas Gandhi his life. While Israel possesses few natural resources no oil in an oil-dominated region , the historical significance and spiritual power of the land are certainly the reasons is perhaps the reason for ongoing battles in the region, essentially for control of the holy city of Jerusalem.

The following cycle of marked a time of economic recession in the world, with the highest rate of unemployment in the U.

Large Stellium In Capricorn December 12222 – January 2020

It also marked the escalation of the Cold War during the Reagan years, later leading to the collapse of the Soviet bloc. Soon after the conjunction, in January , the Kilauea volcano erupted in Hawaii; it has become the longest-lasting volcanic eruption, still flowing in In popular culture, is the year Michael Jackson released the best-selling record album to date, Thriller, establishing his dominance over the pop market.

With the Sun, Ceres, and Mercury within a degree, and the respective South Nodes of Saturn and Pluto close to this degree, we can expect this cycle to have an exceptionally powerful effect, from the year leading up to the conjunction and approximately two years following it. As previously mentioned, this cycle is bound to stimulate significant geopolitical dynamics that will affect the distribution of power in many structures on a global scale. Angular aspects between Saturn and Pluto are also known to reflect natural disasters, particularly seismic and volcanic activity.

A note on the Planetary Nodes: The nodes of the slower-moving planets from Jupiter to Pluto move extremely slowly, about one degree every 72 years.

see url Their position varies only slightly in the course of the Sun cycle 1 year , meaning that they essentially remain in the same position for all of humanity. We can anticipate important changes in the natural resources industry, the banking system, and regional and world leadership, but it is difficult at this point to anticipate what direction this powerful influence will take. Of course, the U. We understand that the initial intention of the Saturn—Pluto conjunction is to increase value and empower systems, but it is easy to mismanage these influences because they demand high ethical leadership, and therefore we must consider the prospect of a severe economic recession.

At worst, with Mars in Aries retrograding later in and squaring the Saturn—Pluto conjunction, serious political conflicts and even a global war are possible. We can expect rebellion on both the individual level people leaving their workplace, reinventing themselves and the collective level worldwide protests demanding change. In light of growing separatist sentiment in the US, we may see the secession movement gaining greater momentum.

With the later transit of Mars in Aries squaring all the Capricorn planets, it is not far-fetched to anticipate that Greece may split off from the Union.

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Jupiter catching up to conjoin Pluto in April adds more momentum and drama to these influences. The giant and the dwarf planets may seem quite different from each other, but both of them represent an aspiration for growth and prosperity. Jupiter—Pluto cycles work on both the material level, where they increase ambition for greater abundance and development, and the spiritual level, where they reflect a deep yearning for Truth.

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Pluto inevitably represents a need to explore the shadows of any issue it becomes involved with, so on the path toward creating abundance and growth, Pluto may also pop many Jupiterian bubbles or excesses, and cause sharp fluctuations between inflation and deflation. In a positive way, Jupiter—Pluto cycles reflect a remarkable ability to transform difficulty into opportunity, both individually and collectively.

This cycle occurs in signs of the same element three consecutive times, then changes to the following element, and then reverts to the previous element one last time. For example, in , the conjunction was in the earth sign of Virgo; in , in the earth sign of Taurus; in , in the earth sign of Capricorn; in , in the air sign of Libra; and then a last return to earth, the conjunction in Taurus.