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Games Horoscopes. Astrofame October Horoscope: Crashing back to reality Astrofame Each sign's weekly horoscope for September 30 — October 6 Astrofame The one conversation you avoid at all costs, based on your zodiac sign PureWow How does each zodiac sign handle competition?

Weekly Horoscopes 12222

Astrofame The luckiest birthdates for every Chinese zodiac sign Reader's Digest. Zodiac friendships that are creative power houses PureWow. Why you should date your opposite sign Cosmopolitan. Surprising qualities of your zodiac sign that you don't already know PopSugar. If you're an outgoing Leo, you'll love a party destination like Ibiza where you can dance the night away. Leos are also history-lovers, so if you're not the partying type, consider exploring the ancient castles of Ireland. Embrace your regal tendencies Leos are the royalty of the zodiac and stay at Ashford Castle , a five-star hotel that was once home to the Guinness family.

Horoscope Special | Elle Canada

Virgos admire craftsmanship and high-end design, so everything is a research trip for you. You'll find the clean and modern aesthetic of Japan's cities fascinating. You're also a little bit of a health nut and an earth sign, so schedule in a few days to escape the city and enjoy one of the many hot springs found in the countryside. Libras love to be surrounded by art and culture and you don't mind a bit of pampering either.

Find a high-end hotel with a great spa in a city like Vienna that is full of theaters, museums, and opportunities to indulge in rich food.

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For Scorpios it's all about finding things that no one else has discovered yet and exploring all of the nooks and crannies a destination has to offer. The souks of Morocco will provide hours of exploration for you. And because you don't mind roughing it, consider getting off the beaten path and staying a few nights at a traditional Berber desert camp in the Sahara.

As the zodiac's traveler, you are prone to restlessness and always looking for your next big adventure. While you'd be happy hopping into an airstream trailer and doing a cross-country trek, you also love international travel, especially anywhere that has a spiritual feel to it like Angkor Wat in Cambodia or the temples of Bagan in Myanmar.

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Capricorn is the zodiac's most goal-oriented sign. You push yourself to the edge and are ready to accept any kind of challenge.

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You're also an earth sign, so get out into nature and sign up for that bike tour across Tuscany, or go on that mountain climbing expedition in Patagonia you've been daydreaming about for years. Those born under the sign of Aquarius tend to be free spirits who love being surrounded by people. You'd fit right in in a city on the water with an international feel and friendly locals. Sydney, Australia fits that description to a tee. As the zodiac's fish, Pisces always want lots of room to roam. You'll find a beach destination, like Tulum, truly restorative. Don't indulge them or you'll end up making yourself crazy.

You can truly step back and see them from enough distance to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Why lose energy worrying over potential problems?

Uranus, the planet of last-minute changes, is opposite Mercury early tomorrow morning. This is a fly by the seat of your pants sort of Sunday, Cancer. Your best bet is to stay super calm and keep it close to home, unless you're feeling up for some major surprises.

8 Instagram accounts to follow for your daily horoscope

With the Moon in your opposite sign today, slow and low is your preferred tempo. It's ok to take it totally easy this Saturday, Cancer luv - in fact, the stars insist on it. If you push yourself too hard you could end up cranky and melancholy. Chill and go at your own pace.

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Mars moves into Libra early this morning, setting you up for six weeks of power and drive at home. The planet of action will remain in your domestic zone for about six weeks, giving you the stamina to pursue important projects and passions. Pluto goes direct in your relationship zone as Mercury slips into your house of love and romance today.

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Translation: your partnerships contain multitudes at the moment. This is not a light vibe, Cancer darling, but no one can handle these emotional depths better than you can. The Moon has left the deep waters of Scorpio and although you're at home in that element, you might feel like today's fiery vibe comes as a relief.